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The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde, appearing as the lead story in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine on 20 June 1890, printed as the July 1890 issue of this magazine
This is a story of moral corruption. A gothic melodrama, it is full of subtle impression and epigram. It touches on many of Wilde's recurring themes, such as the nature and spirit of art, aestheticism and the dangers inherent in it.
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - Read Online - The Literature
The Picture of Dorian Gray: A humorous horror/ drama story with supernatural elements, and the source of many classic Wilde quotations. (Fiction, 1891, 230 pages).

Инструкция по выполнению работы ЕГЭ 2014 по английскому языку. Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку состоит из четырех разделов, включающих 46 заданий.
Раздел 1 («Аудирование») включает 15 заданий, из которых первое будет такое:
 The Picture of Dorian Gray
Chapter Thirteen
Oh! In what a wild hour of madness he had killed his friend! He saw it all again. Each dreadful detail came back to him. When Lord Henry came in at six o'clock, he found him crying as one whose heart will break.
It was not till the third day that he went out. It was a bright clear winter morning and the friends were going to hunt in the forest. Dorian joined the shooting-party. Near the forest he saw Sir Geoffrey Clouston, the Duchess's brother, and came up to him. "Have you had good sport, Geoffrey?" he asked.
"Not very good, Dorian. I think most of the birds have gone to the open. I hope it will be better after lunch, when we get to new place."
The cold clear air, the sounds and the smells of the forest filled Dorian with happiness. Suddenly, with upright ears and long legs, started a hare. It disappeared in the nearest bush. Sir Geoffrey put his gun to his shoulder, but there was something in the animal's beauty that strangely charmed Dorian Gray, and he cried out at once, "Don't kill it, Geoffrey. Let it live."
"What nonsense, Dorian!" laughed his companion, and he fired. There were two cries heard, the cry of a hare in pain, which is dreadful, and the cry of a man in agony, which is worse.
"Good heavens! I have hit a beater!1" cried Sir Geoffrey. "Stop shooting there!" he called out at the top of his voice. "A man is hurt."
In a few moments a dead body was pulled into the sunlight. Dorian turned away in horror. It seemed to him that misfortune followed wherever he went.

1 1 have hit a beater! переведите и составьте примеры употребления в разговорном английском языке для онлайн репетитора

Упражнения (exercises) по английскому языку – это основной способ закрепления изученной информации и повторения ранее пройденного материала.
Вся информация в таких учебниках представлена на английском языке, не только упражнения, но и задания (instructions) к этим заданиям онлайн репетитора.
The wood seemed to him to be alive with faces. There were the sounds of stamping feet and the low buzz of voices.
After a few moments — that were to him endless hours of pain — he felt a hand on his shoulder. He started and looked round.
"Dorian," said Lord Henry, "I had better tell them that the shooting is stopped for today. It would not look well to go on."
"I wish it were stopped for ever, Harry," Dorian answered bitterly. "The whole thing is dreadful and cruel. Is the man..." He could not finish the sentence.
"I am afraid so," said Lord Henry. "Come; let us go home."
They walked side by side without speaking. Then Dorian looked at Lord Henry and said, with a heavy sigh, "What a terrible thing!"
"Oh! My dear fellow, it can't be helped. It was the man's own fault. Why did he get in front of the guns? Besides, it is nothing to us."
Dorian shook his head. "Harry, I feel something horrible is going to happen to some of us. To myself, perhaps."
"What on earth could happen to you, Dorian? You have everything in the world that a man can want. There is no one who would not be delighted to change places with you."
"There is no one with whom I would not change places, Harry. I am telling you the truth. I have no terror of death. It is the coming of death that terrifies me. I feel its monstrous wings around me. Don't you see a man moving behind the trees there, watching me, waiting for me?"
"Yes," Lord Henry said, smiling, "I see the gardener waiting for you. I suppose he wants to ask you.

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